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HOW IT WORKS – Dress Rentals

1. Choose your block of 4 days on the calendar. The FIRST DAY of your 4 days chosen will show as your BOOKING DATE on the contract. This is the day you want to receive the rental by. The LAST day of your dates chosen is the date you will ship back or to the next renter. Your booking will automatically add padded time on the front and backend of these dates for shipping. 

* If the dates are not available, it means that the dress you chose is already being rented, drycleaned or in the process of shipping.

2. Add all desired rental items to your cart by clicking “Book Now.” The price for the item and the applicable refundable dry cleaning deposit will generate automatically.

3. Once payment is made, you will see your receipt with detailed information, and the final step is you MUST click “Return to Merchant” to sign the contract. Double check the dates and any pertinent information, click your agreement and sign. An unsigned and unread contract is an incomplete transaction, and you will not receive your rental. Be sure NOT to skip this step.

The contract will then be generated with the details of your rental choices and be sent to your email address provided, confirming your signature and your order.

4. Your order will include free shipping TO you (exception: no paid shipping to Canada). Items are shipped via USPS 2 day Priority or via UPS or FedEx 2 day shipping. You will responsible to pay for 2-day shipping back to Sherry or to the next renter.  Do NOT ship “ground” for cheaper shipping. Time is of the essence, especially when shipping renter to renter.

Canadian renters – please contact Sherry BEFORE BOOKING. Because of international shipping charges, you must pay shipping both ways, add an extra 4 days to your order to build in extra time out of the studio, and have Sherry specifically check availability for a dress to ensure there is ample time to provide an additional shipping time buffer to ship internationally. Shipping must also be done 2 day shipping so that a dress is not gone from my inventory for a month.

5. If the rental is coming directly from Sherry, an email will generate when shipped to share the tracking number with you. If a previous renter is shipping it to you, they will provide the receipt or tracking number to Sherry, and Sherry will provide the tracking number to YOU.


*some exceptions may apply