Security Deposit : $225.00


Featuring a bold, aztec embroidered mesh, the Zorah Gown is for the modern, free spirited brides. A striking cross over halter neckline gives a tribal aesthetic  The Zorah Gown can be paired with tasseled armbands for a carefree, bohemian vibe. a striking high neck non-traditional wedding dress featuring an aztec embroidered lace pattern, open back, and tassels arm bands included. Designer: Rue De Seine

Street size 6/8 – check model measurements; bust 35.4 in (around largest part of bust); waist 27.5 in; hip #1: 34.25 in; hip #2:  38.9 in

Note: This designer dress no longer has tassles around the neck because they were ruined in drycleaning. The dress is still stunning without, and tassle armbands are still available to round out the boho look. Dress NOT to be booked for environments with red dirt or clay, such as the GA Canyons or Sedona, AZ.

Photo credits:
Sedona, AZ: Phosphilic (phosphoric.com)
Other: Stock Photography

Important notes: please read

* If you are traveling in advance of your shoot, and need to book the dress for a longer time length, please book using the “4 day dress extension” product.

* Some rentals will be sent to the next renter instead of back to Sherry. You will receive a message from Sherry with the exact details if this occurs. If not, please ship back to Sherry. No exceptions – all dresses must be sent to the next renter or Sherry via 2 day (USPS, UPS, FedEx)carrier service.

* Refundable drycleaning deposit – why? Because many of you are adventurous and are taking the dresses into the elements. Take care of the dress, and you’ll get the deposit back. Simple, right? Read the details in the contract for more information. The easiest way to keep it clean is to tell the models that they will pay for it if they step on it or get it dirty! LOL – Kidding, not kidding.

* Because many of the popular dresses go renter to renter, you MUST take care of the dress in a way that it’s acceptable to the next renter.
If you are shooting in red dirt/rock/clay – specifically – or any reason you think it’s needed, please contact Sherry upon checkout so she can manually put on the calendar to schedule in time for drycleaning.

* Communication with Sherry is of utmost importance. Do not “surprise” me with a dirty dress, or shipping that hasn’t gotten out on the date you agreed to. You are best to contact with me so I can work through it with you. Whatever the situation.