Terms of Service Agreement

Rental Agreement/Contract


THIS  AGREEMENT  is  made  between Sherry Peters / The Wild Love Collective hereinafter known as “Owner,” and "Renter" hereinafter known as “Renter.”

Rental Dress Name & Description:

I agree that I will READ the contract that I am about to sign, and know the terms and conditions of renting from The Wild Love Collective.  Not all rental companies work the same, or have the same terms. Not reading the contract and adhering to the terms and conditions is oftentimes where things go wrong. READ the contract.

I agree that I am not a bride, nor renting for a bride for a real elopement or wedding. These rentals are meant to be used for styled shoots only. You are agreeing that you are a photographer, model, event planner or in the fashion industry and that you intend to use it only for a styled photoshoot.
I agree to take extreme care of any item or garment that has been rented, and will take responsibility to explain the terms and conditions to the models. If models are told they are also liable for the rental, they will be conscious about stepping on the train, dragging the train mud or water, or through anything that may prick. Educate them.
I agree that if the dress is sent to the next renter dirty, stained, ruined, torn or otherwise beaten up, and it affects the next renter’s shoot, I will pay for their rental cost of the dress plus the cost of a replacement dress to the Owner. I understand that these dresses are not to be trashed, in anyway. 
I agree to provide Owner’s email address (sherry@thewildlovecollective.com) to all photographers involved at the styled shoot to send their gallery, along with instructions to send the vendor list so everyone can be properly credited on social media and wherever posted. I expect also that my social media handle will be used to credit me properly as a vendor. (instagram.com/styled_shoot_dress_rentals)
If the location & environment that I choose to photography in snags the dress, creates holes ore tears in the material (burrs, spinas, cacti) I will communicate this to the Owner immediately. While it is not your intention to snag a dress,  you are still responsible for it’s care as you chose the location.
I understand that The Wild Love Collective’s dresses and any other rental items are NOT to be used in any type of “trash the dress” session. 

Renter  agrees  the  dress  will be  returned in the same condition in which it was issued or in “very good condition.”  Most dresses go from one renter to the other without being able to be inspected by Owner. Sending a dirty dress to the next renter is absolutely unacceptable!  Communication is very important, do not surprise the next renter or Owner with a ruined dress. 

Owner is not responsible for ensuring the exact fit of the dress to Renter’s model. Sizes and measurements are provided as a recommendation based on designer’s size charts provided, and it is the Renters responsibility to plan accordingly. These dresses are rentals - they are not custom sizes. Every body will fit differently in each dress. Renter is best to choose the size closest to the model’s measurement and if necessary, rent a size larger. Be prepared to clip, use chicken cutlets to fill out the bust, use double sided tape to keep it in place, if necessary.


Environmental Concerns:

Dresses  are  not  to  be  used  around  anything  with the  potential to cause damage including, but not limited to: smoke, smoke bombs, flames, sparklers, self tanners, facial makeup, body shimmer or body makeup — and especially NOT immersed in water! 

Renter agrees that heavy perfumes and body oils are not to be used - anything with the potential to stain

Renter agrees that the dress will NOT be used around, or returned smelling of cigarette smoke or weed, or have any burn marks. 

Renter agrees that if they know the landscape they are using the dress in will get it dirty (ex: red rocks)  they will let Owner know in advance of booking so that time will be scheduled to get it dry cleaned after its use, and that the Owner will know in advance so as not to rent out immediately to another renter. Renter knows to expect that they will always be responsible for paying for drycleaning if dress is used in red rock environments. No exceptions, all dresses used in the red rocks require cleaning.

Upon receiving the item/s, Renter will unpack and look over its condition which will also aid in releasing wrinkles before use.  If Renter sees damage of any kind  including, but not  limited to stains, tears or  rips, Renter will immediately notify Owner with  time stamped photos before using the item, so as not to be held liable for damage caused by a previous renter. 

Renter further agrees they will make NO effort to clean or repair rented items without permission as this may cause further damage. DO NOT attempt to clean the dress yourself! Or let other’s in your family throw it in the wash for you. (Yes, it’s happened!)

Renter is fully responsible for loss, destruction or damage to the items due to theft, mysterious disappearance, fire, major stains or any other cause, other than normal wear and tear. 

Renter agrees that if dress is damp from snow or rain, that they will contact Owner if they cannot fully dry it before shipping it back or to the next renter on agreed upon shipping date. 

Renter understands that, if being provided a bodysuit with a dress, that model must wear their own underwear underneath, and that bodysuit MUST BE hand-washed that evening to be dried before shipping back the next day. 

Renter agrees to remove all debris from the dress, including but not limited to sand (brush off when dry), twigs, dust, pet hair, human hair and anything else that would deem it un-rentable condition for next renter. Always keep the next renter in mind as these dresses often go renter to renter.


Refundable security deposit:

Owner charges a refundable security deposit at checkout to cover dry cleaning that may be necessary if Renter is careless in an outdoor environment. Refundable deposit will only be refunded if dress is in very good condition and useable for the next renter. 
Refundable deposit will be given back when the next renter has recieved it and inspected it for themself. When word is to Owner that the dress is in good condition, Owner will contact Renter about the refundable deposit.

The cost of the refundable security deposit taken at checkout will depend on the type of dress, based on delicacy of the dress, and knowledge of the average cost to dry-clean it.

Renter understands that this refundable drycleaning deposit is assessed to pay a cleaning or repair fee if the dress is returned dirty, stained, ripped or with an odor.
**Bottom line, if you respect the dress and take extremely good care of it, there will be no assessed dry cleaning fees after the fact and you may receive your refundable deposit back. 


Replacement costs of a rental

If you are careless or reckless with the item, the least you will be billed for is drycleaning — for dirt, including red dirt, stains, smoke bombs stains, the smell of smoke, etc.
If the dress is torn, ripped, sliced, wrecked, filthy or generally trashed in the opinion of the Owner, the refundable drycleaning deposit taken will first be used to try to salvage the dress (drycleaning) and if the dress is beyond cleaning or repair, the Renter will be billed for the full cost of a replacement.

Renter will be responsible for the full cost of the dress (minimum $350 - maximum $2000 designer) as it will be rendered unusable for other renters to use or for the Owner to rent. Renter will be invoiced for the full cost, if necessary, in order to have dress replaced. 

Full cost of a replacement dress will be billed to the Renter by the Owner, and expected to be paid within 7 days of the invoice. If the same dress is no longer available to purchase,  a dress of equal or lesser value will be purchased instead, at Owner’s discretion.
If Renter refuses to pay the invoice for a dress replacement, legal action will be taken against the Renter. 



Renter agrees to put these rental items in the mail within the 4 day rental time frame or at latest, the next business day after the styled shoot. Renter will use 2 day priority shipping at UPS, USPS or Fedex. Renter will NOT use Ground shipping for cheaper shipping rates, as time is of the essence going from renter to renter.
Renter agrees to pack the dress in the same manner that it was packed to them - in a box with a plastic bag to protect against the cardboard and to help release air to fit, the dress rolled to prevent wrinkles. Do NOT stuff a dress. Fold and roll as gently as possible.

Negligence to mail out on time will result in forfeiture of renting from Sherry in the future. Negligence to send the tracking number immediately is also grounds for forfeiture of future rentals. 

Disclaimer: Neither the Owner or the Renter are responsible for any delays of item(s) once shipped, as there might be uncontrollable delays by delivery carrier (USPS). Due to covid and periodic extreme weather around the country, shipping is not always guaranteed on time. Owner recommends Renter to ALWAYS have backup in case shipment does not arrive on time. Owner will NOT give refunds or discounts for an item that is in transit, and for what it can not control. 

Shipping is FREE from Owner to Renter, or from the previous renter TO you. Renter IS ONLY responsible for paying the cost to ship to the next renter or back to the Owner. Should Renter want to pay for expedited overnight service, Owner will pay the normal 2 day shipping costs and Renter will be responsible to pay the balance. Owner will only pay for 2 day shipping rates to Renter as "free shipping."
*Exception: Canadian renters are responsible for paying an additional $100 for a 4 day extension to the rental, for extra transit time needed for customs purposes. Additionally, all Canadian renters will pay for shipping BOTH ways. Shipping a rental internationally takes longer, and the dress is gone approximately 3 weeks time. A normal rental in country is in transit and used for approximately 10 days max.


Cancellation Policy:

Full payment is taken to hold the rental date and the dates on the contract are set once paid for and signed. If a date revision is necessary, it must be taken up with Owner immediately and done manually. 

Renter understands that there are no refunds given and that if you cancel your rental/s, you will receive a credit towards future rentals.  Cancellations, credits issued, and re-bookings are at the discretion of the Owner. 

Owner reserves the right to cancel a booking at short notice. Cancellation may include (but are not limited to) an item not being available due to late return by a previous renter, damage to an item or lost packages. The Owner will endeavor to provide as much notice as possible. In the event of a cancellation by the Owner, a full refund will be given or Renter has the option to change the booking to another item or date. This is the ONLY reason why a full refund would be given.
Late Fees:
All rental orders must be mailed back via a carrier service (USPS, FedEx, UPS)  within the time period of 4 day rental time frame, or at latest, the next business day after the styled shoot . The late return fee is $25.00 per day per dress up until 14 days after agreed upon return date, after which you will be liable for the full replacement cost of the dress and/or other rental pieces.
It is the Renter's responsibility to FIND TIME to return the dress during these dates, and if something out of the ordinary happens where it cannot be mailed on time, Renter agrees to communicate this to the Owner immediately.
In the event of refusal to return the dress/es or any other items, the Owner reserves the right to invoice Renter for the items in question, and take legal action against the Renter if not paid for within 7 days of the invoice.


By signing for this rental, I am indicating that I have read the terms and conditions, that I agree to adhere to them, and that I accept all responsibility  for the rental items as outlined in the contract.  
I agree that the dates chosen, my name, mailing address, shipping address and phone number are accurate, and that I am authorized to use this form of payment to pay for the rental.
I hereby authorize Sherry Peters/ The Wild Love Collective to charge using the provided payment source according to the terms outlined above. This payment authorization is for the goods/services described above, for the amount indicated above only. I certify that I am an authorized user of this payment source and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company, so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form.
Unless otherwise instructed, all rentals will be returned to: 
Sherry Peters, 426 Main St Unit 201, Stoneham, MA 02180
Sherry’s phone number: 978 854 2508
Sherry’s email address: sherry@thewildlovecollective.com
Sherry’s website: www.TheWildLoveCollective.com
Instagram account: www.Instagram.com/styled_shoot_dress_rentals

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Signed by Sherry Peters
Signed On: June 3, 2021

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