As photographers, we all have a creative bug that needs to be filled. We are surrounded by other creatives and inspiration is all around us. Yet sometimes we need to dig a little to light the fire again, to get excited about what we do after a long wedding season. Sometimes all it takes is finding a new and trendy resource for photographers to excite us again about our own wedding portfolio.

Let’s reflect on this past wedding season.

Take a good look at your wedding photography portfolio. Do all the brides look the same, wear the same style of wedding dress, or have similar venues?

Are you getting bored with the type of bride styles that you are consistently booking and want to have a little more travel, diversity, fun, or flavor added to your wedding portfolio?

And what can you do differently to stand out from everyone else in a saturated market?


I’ve got it, THE perfect solution and trending resource for photographers.

First, do NOT run out and buy wedding dresses to build or diversify your portfolio. Gosh, that’d be expensive. Do not buy cheap dresses from China to photograph, or the quality will show in the photos, and that’s not the type of bride you want to attract.

The solution? A curated inventory of dress rentals at your disposal, from modern boho dresses to couture gowns, designer jumpsuits, and wedding accessories. You can RENT them at a fraction of the cost of buying them, and it will save space in your closet!

I have everything from modern dreamy bohemian mermaid-style dresses with big flutter sleeves. There are dresses of color in my inventory because remember, not all brides wear white. Check out the gorgeous modern floral dresses that can be used by the off-beat bride, or even for an engagement session. There are also trendy little white dresses and designer jumpsuits in the mix.

Need a maternity gown? Maybe not yet, but when your new bride LOVE their wedding photos and transition from being newly married to starting a family, you will have the perfect resource for a stunning maternity session!

My dresses are not made JUST for the studio. I consider them as adventurous as I am, an international flight attendant! Want to take a dress to a National Park or somewhere internationally? You’ve got it! Show me your creativity that makes YOU stand out in a crowd!


The Wild Love Collective is a dress rental company based in Boston, MA. Sherry is an international flight attendant who takes her dresses to photograph in her travels and rents for photoshoots ONLY. Her rental clientele is comprised mostly of photographers, event planners, venues, models, influencers, and other wedding industry creatives like florists, wedding venues, and jewelry designers.

Other uses for these dresses include models and social media influencers trying to build their portfolio; Sherry’s clientele also includes mamas looking for an epic maternity shoot, brides-to-be looking for a couture gown for an engagement shoot, or high school seniors for senior portraits.

Sherry’s dress rentals are NOT intended to be used for any type of event, including but not limited to: real weddings, real elopements, birthday celebrations, baby gender reveal parties or any other type of events. Again, these dresses are NOT TO BE USED in a real wedding or event. Use them, instead, as a handy resource to help you save money on building your portfolio YOUR way!

Thank you for understanding!

For more information, please read the Terms & Conditions listed on the website before you rent!


If you have any questions while browsing my dress rental website, please reach out and ask! I am very accessible by email ( or IG messaging.  Sherry

Need a photographer? I photograph a limited clientele(Destination Anywhere Photography) but I can also refer you to someone amazing in your area.