About The Wild Love Collective

Let me tell you a bit about The Wild Love Collective.

My collection of dresses grew over time, but the business itself fell in my lap as I was building my own adventure elopement portfolio. I was shopping for epic boho dresses (like Andres boho wedding gown to the left!) to photograph in the Salt Flats in 2017. At the same time, I was looking for an epic outfit to wear to Greece. I planned a surprise trip for my husband’s birthday in November 2020 and had a photographer lined up to do OUR photography on our vacation.

The pandemic changed all that. Instead of going to Greece, the skirt was rented to a wedding event planner putting on a photoshoot. The next thing I knew, I had photographers reaching out to find out what other dresses I had in my closet. I named the blue skirt Skye – click to see how amazing she is! She still gets rented out, and I don’t see her for months; she’s that unique and popular!

Want to know more details about how I started my dress rental business? Check out my blog: How I started my dress rental business and 7 simple ways to get you started on yours!